Hello Faithful Readers. I say “faithful” because you’d have to be faithful to stop by my website, which has been dormant for over a year. If you are here, THANK YOU so much for taking a moment to check on me.

Can you believe Warrior received a starred Publishers Weekly review?             

“Blackwood’s marvelous third 14th-century Highland Warrior novel (after The Rebel of Clan Kincaid) draws readers into the sensual story as a noblewoman is captured and falls for her abductor. Derryth MacClaren is scared and upset when her brother-in-law, the Laird of Kincaid, sends her away, fearing soldiers are about to attack his castle. Though she’s disguised as a peasant, Derryth and her companions are caught and taken prisoner. Derryth’s captor is Cull the Nameless, a kingsman who has been ordered to bring down Kincaid. Though Cull refuses to release Derryth, he treats her kindly, and soon their mutual attraction builds. As the magnetism between Derryth and Cull culminates in memorable love scenes, they become determined to find a way to stay together. Blackwood expertly crafts a credible relationship between Derryth and Cull. Passionate emotions and suspense will keep readers invested in this vivid historical. Agent: Kim Lionetti, BookEnds. (Aug.)

I’m very proud of Cull and Derryth’s love story, and I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for reading my books.